A Fantastic Motorcycle Ride

Last fall I rode from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It was my first long, multi-day ride and I loved it! On my personal blog, I outlined the trip including which roads we took and where we stayed. You can read more about it here.

In essence, we started off with Skyline Blvd in the Bay Area, down to Monterey. From Monterey we traveled a county road, G16, which was empty, narrow and quite interesting. The road surface was a little choppy, but the fact that it was all ours made up for it. There were also some spectacular moments where we had to stop, get off our bikes and just take in the view.

The next big chunk of road worth mentioning is 33, through Los Padres Forest. That was the single most beautiful road I’ve ever seen in my life! The road itself was smooth and well maintained, the mountains surrounding it just added to the beauty. I would love to ride that one again!

I’m really itching to take another long ride. The question is, where to? Honestly, I wouldn’t mind doing the same ride again. But I should probably try something new. The other problem is that my husband recently broke his hip in a motorcycle accident, so we’re waiting for that to heal. He’s on the mend and walking now (its been six weeks), so the path to recovery has been swift. Soon we will be out there again, tearing up the terrain!

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