What to do with those old helmets

A little helmet home decor

It is recommended that you replace your motorcycle helmet every two to four years. Or if you crash or drop it hard enough to do damage (I dropped mine last year and was able to send it back to Shoei for impact testing, turned out to be ok).

If you’ve been riding for many years then naturally you’ll gather a helmet collection. What do you do with those extra helmets? Do they sit in the closet collecting dust? Well I got tired of that. On their own the helmet designs are often pretty, so why not treat them like the “art” they are?

I bought some large hooks and hung them above our balcony door. The two on the left were my husband’s and the one on the right was mine. (I’m only on my second helmet). You might recognize the middle one as a Valentino Rossi design. It looks really cool and let’s me show off the fact that I ride motorcycles to all my guests.

Helmet decor

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