What to do with those old helmets

A little helmet home decor

It is recommended that you replace your motorcycle helmet every two to four years. Or if you crash or drop it hard enough to do damage (I dropped mine last year and was able to send it back to Shoei for impact testing, turned out to be ok).

If you’ve been riding for many years then naturally you’ll gather a helmet collection. What do you do with those extra helmets? Do they sit in the closet collecting dust? Well I got tired of that. On their own the helmet designs are often pretty, so why not treat them like the “art” they are?

I bought some large hooks and hung them above our balcony door. The two on the left were my husband’s and the one on the right was mine. (I’m only on my second helmet). You might recognize the middle one as a Valentino Rossi design. It looks really cool and let’s me show off the fact that I ride motorcycles to all my guests.

Helmet decor

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San Mateo Motorcycle Show

We went to the motorcycle show over the weekend and I took some cool artsy pictures of some cool artsy bikes.

Moto Guzzi

Motorcycle show

Motorcycle show

Motorcycle show

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A Fantastic Motorcycle Ride

Last fall I rode from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It was my first long, multi-day ride and I loved it! On my personal blog, I outlined the trip including which roads we took and where we stayed. You can read more about it here.

In essence, we started off with Skyline Blvd in the Bay Area, down to Monterey. From Monterey we traveled a county road, G16, which was empty, narrow and quite interesting. The road surface was a little choppy, but the fact that it was all ours made up for it. There were also some spectacular moments where we had to stop, get off our bikes and just take in the view.

The next big chunk of road worth mentioning is 33, through Los Padres Forest. That was the single most beautiful road I’ve ever seen in my life! The road itself was smooth and well maintained, the mountains surrounding it just added to the beauty. I would love to ride that one again!

I’m really itching to take another long ride. The question is, where to? Honestly, I wouldn’t mind doing the same ride again. But I should probably try something new. The other problem is that my husband recently broke his hip in a motorcycle accident, so we’re waiting for that to heal. He’s on the mend and walking now (its been six weeks), so the path to recovery has been swift. Soon we will be out there again, tearing up the terrain!

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More T-shirts from our Guest Artists

Our final round of designs from the guest artists has been added to the t-shirt shop. We have a woman standing with her motorcycle, two motorcycles with a butterfly in the background, a cartoon girl on a scooter, a winged woman and a girly skull with pistons. Thanks again to our wonderful guest artists!

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Another Round

We have four new t-shirt designs from out guest artists… Four more ways to show your motorcycle enthusiasm ladies!

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Welcome Guest Artists

We would like to welcome our four guest artists! Each one has designed a t-shirt for us ladies who love to ride motorbikes. All four tees have a unique style and message to help women express their motorcycle enthusiasm.

Hear Me Rev (w/Flames) Not Just for Boys Motorcycle Heart Beating the Boys

Let us know what you think – if you’d like to see other colors or styles – we love your feedback! View all t-shirt designs.

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Product Review

Thunder Alley Rose wrote a nice review about our t-shirt designs. She ordered one of the tank tops and is very pleased with the quality, here’s what she has to say about it. She has also been frustrated with the lack of motorcycle tees for women. Are you frustrated too?

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Fat Boy Tees

A while back some ladies posted pictures on our Facebook page and one of them was chosen for a t-shirt. Here are the two shirt designs that came out of it, featuring Mysti C. on her Fat Boy (Harley Davidson motorcycle)…

A photo version:

And a drawing:

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Looking for motorcycle t-shirts for women?

That’s what I just did a search for. I spent some time poking around different web sites, and barely found anything worth looking at. The search usually turned up t-shirts for men, though they claimed to be for women as well. I just can’t believe its taken so long for someone to realize that women want some cool, feminine t-shirts. And that they shouldn’t have babes on them. How often does a woman walk around touting a babe on her shirt? I’m going to guess not that often.

Anyway, if I had actually found anything good, I would link to it here. But as it stands there is nothing. Where do you find cool ladies motorcycle tees?

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