Looking for motorcycle t-shirts for women?

That’s what I just did a search for. I spent some time poking around different web sites, and barely found anything worth looking at. The search usually turned up t-shirts for men, though they claimed to be for women as well. I just can’t believe its taken so long for someone to realize that women want some cool, feminine t-shirts. And that they shouldn’t have babes on them. How often does a woman walk around touting a babe on her shirt? I’m going to guess not that often.

Anyway, if I had actually found anything good, I would link to it here. But as it stands there is nothing. Where do you find cool ladies motorcycle tees?

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  1. Blazye says:

    I agree I stay online all the time looking for anything female motorcycle related and it’s very difficult to find decent tees at a decent price. I’ve even created my own tees on a few different sites like Cafe Press, and Zazzle just to be able to get what I want although the prices are somewhat high.

    I’ve brought tees from a few places that were ok. Chicriders.com, vavavroomonline.com,
    and Hotleathers.com has an Asphalt Angel tee that looks pretty good haven’t decided if I’ll buy it just yet. I’ve come across a few more but not worth mentioning. I’ll check back here to see if you’ve found any good sites. Thank you for this it’ll help to see what others have found.

    Peace & Blessings Always,


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